Precision Agriculture Days 2021

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On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 August 2021, Van Den Borne Potatoes, Practice Center for Precision Agriculture and partners will organize the Precision Agriculture Days 2021 in Reusel, the Netherlands. Beijer Automotive is also present to demonstrate the added value of CAN data in precision agriculture. Go to and sign up. Bye!

Unique partnership Beijer and Ctrack

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Beijer and Ctrack have committed to a unique partnership. From now on, Ctrack customers can directly read vehicle sensor information as well, thanks to a CAN-bus integration with Beijer’s CAN-software module. Beijer Automotive delivers high-quality CAN-bus (Controller Area Network) solutions and vehicle specific installation guidance for the automotive, -truck and motor-aftermarket. Ctrack is part of… Read more »

Using passenger car data for ‘smart’ road maintenance

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The data that sensors in modern cars gather contain important information about the quality of the road surfaces or weather and traffic conditions. Therefore it is valuable information for road authorities concerning the maintenance of the infrastructure. The province Noord-Brabant (Provincie Noord-Brabant), Beijer Automotive B.V. and programme SmartwayZ.NL have decided to collaborate to deploy this… Read more »

Light commercial vehicles dominate the installation of In-car aftermarket systems

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The statistics of the consulted In-car instructions show that In-car aftermarket systems such as taximeters, telematics, parking systems and cruise controls are often built into light commercial vehicles. This category dominates in the Top 10 of 2018, with nine models. The only passenger car on the list is the Mercedes E-class. The list leader is… Read more »