• CAN solutions

    The strength of Beijer Automotive lies in its ability to unlock, analyse and communicate vehicle and vehicle-sensor data, by making the most effective use of CAN bus (Controller Area Network)... Read more»
  • Vetuda vehicle sensor data

    From all sides we hear the call for a generic, and secure cloud-based entity that gives parties access to vehicle sensor data. And also "The car as a sensor" is an expression we encounter more and... Read more»
  • INCAR instructions

    Provide at least a location or an option for the speed signal; collected knowledge about (switched-)power supply and ground and any other signal and component locations are, if known, additionally... Read more»
  • Analog solutions

    Locating analog signals in vehicles is undoubtedly becoming more and more difficult, due to the speed with which in-vehicle CAN technology is developing. And if an analog signal is actually... Read more»