The strength of Beijer Automotive lies in its ability to unlock, analyse and communicate vehicle and vehicle-sensor data, by making the most effective use of CAN bus (Controller Area Network) technology. Beijer Automotive makes this information available for a wide range of applications, such as vehicle telematics and mobility solutions.

Thanks to our flexible CAN solutions, we are able to provide vehicle-sensor data in line with your own specific requirements, in a form that most effectively suits your requirements. The data may be provided via a BCI CAN interface or by incorporating a Beijer component in your product.
Check each variant individually:

BCI CAN-interfaces


Integration into your product


Whatever variation you choose or whatever the system or application that may be involved:

  • Smart-mobility applications
  • Parking systems
  • Fleetmanagement systems
  • Adaptive cruise control systems
  • Taximeters
  • Lane departure systems
  • Public transport systems
  • GPS navigation systems
  • Cruise controls
  • Speed limiters
  • Hands-free car kits
  • Accident analysis systems
  • Track&Trace systems
  • Mobility solutions
  • Traffic management systems

we can provide the information that is needed.

Vehicle sensor data

All these types of application require information from the vehicle, which can vary from conventional signals such as a vehicle speed signal or a switched power supply, to very specific data, such as the distance travelled or fuel consumption. Nowadays, the CAN bus on the vehicle is where almost all of these signals or data are held. We have the ability to unlock and to analyse these and to make them available for use! Our CAN experts have been working on our CAN database, now one of the largest in Europe, since the 1990s. This contains a vast array of measurements taken from different types of vehicle and every new vehicle is examined, as vehicle manufacturers, unlike truck manufacturers, do not apply a standard protocol. Different protocols can even be found between models that belong to the same make of car! What is more, each car is fitted with various CAN buses (driveline-CAN, comfort-CAN, info-CAN, etc.), which, with the exception of the OBD diagnostics bus in order to avoid conflicts, must all be analysed.

This data, combined with the patented Beijer® CAN platform, provides the basis for all possible CAN solutions, including yours! Whether you are looking to use standard signals or need your own custom-made solution, we can decipher the data for you and make it accessible!

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