Aside from standard signals such as the vehicle speed signal, the CAN bus in the latest vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors etc.) provide many more signals and, given extensive knowledge and experience, it is possible to retrieve a great deal of valuable information. This can include signals and information for which we do not have a standard interface readily available, but which we can easily provide in the form of an interface, enabling you in turn to respond to your customer’s demands and offer a solution for their problem!

For a future application, the status of the DOOR CONTACTS may well be of importance. Other applications could make use of information regarding STEERING DEFLECTION. And how about the FUEL CONSUMPTION and DISTANCE TRAVELLED? With the right knowledge and experience, this information can be obtained from the CAN bus too.
Nor do ELECTRIC VEHICLES hold any secrets from us in the field of CAN. We can provide useful information from electric vehicles such as STATE-OF-CHARGE, RANGE (action radius), CHARGER-CONNECTED and EXTERNAL-TEMPERATURE.

These are just a few examples of custom signals and information that is available inside vehicles and that we are able to provide by means of a BCI CAN interface. We can also offer them in other ways as well. Please visit the ‘CAN solutions’ page for details of those other methods.

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