Amongst our range of CAN solutions, we are able to offer a number of standard interfaces with software configurations that are in great demand. The BCI-2 is an example of a standard interface. This is an interface that provides two outputs: Vehicle Speed and Switched Power. A single software configuration that supports and recognises all car makes and models with CAN Highspeed.

A more extensive interface is also available in the form of the BCI-6, which has 6 outputs: Vehicle Speed, RPM, Switched Power, EngineRun, Reverse, SSW20 (SpeedSwitch <20 km/h). This interface supports all European car makes and models with CAN Highspeed and CAN Lowspeed. The most comprehensive standard interface is the BCI-8UDS, which provides all the signals required for accident analysis equipment, such as the ones fitted in all police cars, for example. Equipment, in which lighting signals, vehicle speed and braking signals play an important role. This interface is also capable of supporting many models, using CAN Highspeed or CAN Lowspeed. Details of each type of standard interface can be found here:

Want to know which car makes and models the BCI supports? Click for the BCI Application Lists.

Of course, we also try and anticipate developments in the market as far as possible. If the demand for certain signals increases, and this turns out to be an established trend, a custom interface can become a standard interface. All our standard interfaces are in stock and ready for use and can be dispatched immediately.

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