One of the ways in which we can make your product CAN-compatible, is by integrating a Beijer CAN Module (BCM) in your product. A ready to go mini CAN-interface by which your product is ready for the future at once.

Car manufacturers each handle their own CAN-protocols and even per type, model and engine variant there are differences. So indeed, making and keeping your product CAN-compatible, requires a lot of effort, while you would probably mainly want to focus on what you are really good at. CAN-solutions are our specialty. For dozens of years we have examined new cars and translate all those different ‘CAN-languages’ to one readable format. By integrating a Beijer CAN Module into your product you no longer have to worry about the CAN-compatibility of your product, and you enrich your product with valuable vehicle sensor data.


The BCM is a very flexible CAN-solution through its software-based configuration that can be programmed locally via a serial- or USB-connection or, if your system is remotely reachable from a distance via a wireless/mobile connection.

All of this offers:
• A complete solution for your product. Including CAN-drivers, power supply and sleep mode.
• The certainty that your equipment can deal with all wished CAN-data in all vehicles.
• Time gain, because the entire process of examining cars, analysing/processing the CAN-data and keeping it up-to-date is not your concern anymore.
• Cost-saving, since an integrated solution does not have unnecessary hardware.
• Beijer CAN-firmware that is being maintained by highly advanced algorithms that enable the processing of the most recent CAN-technology.
• Flexible design, suited for your PCB.
• Proven and completely documented reference design incl. API and SDK.
• Customized components that connect seamless to your wishes.
• Simple installation, supported by vehicle specific In-car instructions in six languages.
• A professional CAN-solution based on proven technology that is being applied for more than 15 years in our CAN-products (BCI).

Our working method

Phase 1: Beijer analyses CAN-data and collects interpretation knowledge from all car brands and types.
Phase 2: all rough data is being subjected to Beijer technology. An ingenious process that translates and enriches rough data.
Phase 3: your product with our integrated CAN-controller is being fed with valuable vehicle sensor data.
Phase 4: your customer receives all the vehicle information they asked for, via your application.

Graphically displayed (click to enlarge):

Your choice

The choice for integration of our component is not a light one. You don’t just purchase a single interface with which you connect a system to a car. For that reason, we are more than willing to invite you to a non-binding conversation with our people, who can inform you on all the in’s out’s that are present during an integration process. We are then working towards a joint process, in which we define a list of parameters (dataset) and vehicles for your application, and make agreements that fit your service(s).

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