Tractor hackathon with Vetuda data

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On August 31st a Tractor Hackathon will take place in Baarlo, NL. A data science team will work with one year of Vetuda® data (by Beijer Automotive), looking for potential applications for precision agriculture. Check for more information (Dutch only).

Vetuda sees daylight

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Imagine every car becoming a measuring instrument on wheels, offering almost all sensor data from every car. Meet Vetuda! Vetuda is the world’s first generic solution, that makes it possible to directly communicate vehicle data (translated and enriched) from every individual vehicle, to every system that benefits from vehicle data. As cars on the road… Read more »

First signals from tractor for digital farm

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During the mid-term SENTRAC demo last week, signals as fuel consumption and vehicle speed were automatically measured from sensors of a tractor and made available for precision agriculture to enrich the soil map of agricultural land. The first concrete step towards combining sensor data from agricultural vehicles with soil scans, GPS data and plot sizes,… Read more »

Beijer mentioned in Keynote Microsoft Build

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On May 24th 2016, Microsoft visited Amsterdam with its developer event Build. One of the 9 locations worldwide of the Microsoft Build Tour 2016. Already during the first presentation on Microsoft’s Azure platform, Beijer Automotive was mentioned as one of the developers that Microsoft is working with. This co-operation includes the development of the new… Read more »

First measurements of the ‘Precision Farming’ project

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The first measurements of the ‘Precision Farming’ project, known as the SENTRAC project in collaboration with Van den Borne Aardappelen and Fleuren Boomkwekerij, were launched. Beijer engineers examine whether the technology in the field of collecting data from vehicles, as is used in the automotive sector, can be used in modern tractors and agricultural equipment…. Read more »