Vetuda sees daylight

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Imagine every car becoming a measuring instrument on wheels, offering almost all sensor data from every car. Meet Vetuda! Vetuda is the world’s first generic solution, that makes it possible to directly communicate vehicle data (translated and enriched) from every individual vehicle, to every system that benefits from vehicle data. As cars on the road… Read more »

Beijer installs charging station for research into charging-data of EV’s

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Beijer engineers have begun to dig into the present parameters of electric vehicles (EV’s) in order to gather more knowledge about the vehicle data from electric cars combined with the charging infrastructure. Recently a charging station was installed on the Beijer premises for the EV’s of Beijer employees that will be used in the study…. Read more »

BMW i3 investigated

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Beijer CAN specialists extracted the data of BMW’s first fully-electric production car, the i3. From the version with range extender they were able to retrieve specific information like its gas-to-electric consumption ratio which can be valuable information for fleet managers. Of course many other significant parameters like CalculatedTorque, ChargeCurrent, ChargerConnected, StateOfCharge, EngineCurrent, EngineTorque and ExternalTemperature… Read more »