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The statistics of the consulted In-car instructions show that In-car aftermarket systems such as taximeters, telematics, parking systems and cruise controls are often built into light commercial vehicles. This category dominates in the Top 10 of 2018, with nine models. The only passenger car on the list is the Mercedes E-class.
The list leader is the Volkswagen Transporter (T6), followed by the previous model Mercedes Sprinter and the current model Mercedes Vito. Although the Transporter has been leading the list since 2014, it is questionable whether he will take the title again next year. The new model Mercedes Sprinter that appeared in the showrooms in May 2018 was in fact the fastest climber of 2018.

Top 10 requested In-car instructions 2018
 BrandModelProduction years

The Beijer Automotive In-car database has been used by thousands of installers of aftermarket systems worldwide for years. Mercedes is the most consulted brand worldwide with 11 percent, followed by Volkswagen and Ford.
Over the past 20 years, worldwide, the Mercedes Sprinter has been the model from which In-car instructions are most frequently requested. This involves five generations since 1995 and the Sprinter is still for sale.

light commercial vehicles dominate In-car instructions statistics

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