Ruud Huijer 20 years at Beijer

Publié: 3 décembre 2014

Ruud Huijer, one of the Beijer engineers who stood at the base of the In-car instructions, was recently 20 years employed at Beijer Automotive. Ruud was Beijer’s first employee and soon active with the installation of black-box systems and the systematic documentation of connection details. This led to the birth of the first In-car instructionbook, that time the paper version of the current online In-car instructions where he is responsible for ever since.

Ruud Huijer Beijer

The installation of systems for him is long past time, but organizing and measuring new cars, however, is still daily practice. This to keep well in touch with the state of the art because the information in the In-car instructions should be a good reflection of reality. This means that the In-car editors must know their way around under the dashboard of today’s cars. In addition to CAN- and in-car measurements and the maintenance of the In-car instructions, Ruud also has a large share in PR and website activities of the company.