uCAN Solutions

The main objective of the project is to read and use all information from a vehicle or object at a distance, online. Real-time.

Facilitated by

  • Hightech Automotive Systems (HTAS)
  • SRE


uCAN is a platform which can wirelessly send data from a vehicle (read: car, truck, boat, tractor, forklift, aggregate or every other conceivable object that is provided with a CAN-network) to a server, by means of a universal module, that makes all vehicle information, freely configurable, available via a web application. This means that information about for instance vehicle speed, engine speed, consumption, running hours, etc. can be offered as the data of the vehicle network. The information can be used for all conceivable systems that can use vehicle data such as fleet management, traffic and accident recorder systems, etc. The uCAN solution offers access to this information in a universal way, independent of the brand and type of the vehicle.


The uCAN project had a term of over 2 years.
Start date: 2010
End date: 2012

Project partners

  • Beijer Automotive BV
  • Tass Technology Solutions
  • TU/e


  • NXP

The role of Beijer Automotive

  • Structure the CAN sensor platform
  • Merge PVD and FCD
  • Developing warning algorithms
  • In-car communication (Bluetooth – CAN-bus)
  • Evaluation

More information

uCAN Solutions website

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