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In the news – Sioux will take care of all the relevant Research & Development activities for Beijer Automotive. As a result, the market leader in unlocking vehicle sensor data can focus even better on their main tasks, generating new inventions in the field of vehicle analysis and to meet the demand of an ever-growing customer base.

Since its establishment in 1991, Beijer Automotive has become a leading player in unlocking, analysing and communicating vehicle and vehicle sensor data, by making the most effective use of CAN bus (Controller Area Network), for after-market- and traffic management systems. In order to be able to maintain this position, there is a great need for specialist knowledge in the areas of embedded software, cloud based platforms and smart analytics. Sioux has this necessary technological expertise and a rich experience in the automotive industry.

Ronald de Beijer (on photo left), CEO Beijer Automotive: “This cooperation with Sioux is a logical next step, enabling us to focus even more on innovation, which is crucial to further expand our position as market leader in vehicle sensor data technology. In addition to the comprehensive technological knowledge that we acquire with Sioux, we will benefit from the optimal flexibility to bring our technological solutions faster to the market.”

Eric van de Leur, development manager at Sioux: “This partnership, in which Sioux acts as the R&D department of Beijer Automotive, confirms our pleasant and intensive cooperation. Beijer Automotive is responsible for rolling out the innovative solutions in the market and entrusts us with the responsibility for the technology behind it. This way we complement each other.”

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