Student HAN University does HBO-master at Beijer

Veröffentlicht: 15 November 2017

Prajwal Ramakrishna, student in his final year Master of Automotive Systems at HAN University of Applied Sciences will do his HBO master at Beijer Automotive. Prajwal’s research, which is part of the RAAKPRO project Via Nova, focuses on the use of vehicle data for the effective management of traffic flows. The project is accompanied by HAN Automotive research, Beijer Automotive BV, Keypoint Consultancy BV and other leading consortium partners.

Via Nova is working on the technological developments needed to overcome the negative consequences of congestion in the future and focuses on the quality and reliability aspects of vehicle data from the sensors, processors, navigation devices, etc. to reduce traffic congestion.

The prime focus of this research is to detect road slipperiness during winter and classify the road slipperiness based on the different surface friction coefficients. The results should provide means to effectively detect and correct roadmap problems. In the final phase of Prajwal’s master, the results are demonstrated, with the quality being expressed in absolute value so that it can be compared to other data sources. During his master we will regularly inform you about Prajwal’s findings.