Beijer technology provides universal access to complex vehicle sensor data

Speed, mileage, fuel consumption, service- and malfunction, EV-specific and many more data

CAN solutions

Up to date and accurate vehicle documentation provides time saving access to in-vehicle connection points

Online INCAR instructions build by technicians for technicians. Easy to use and explained by visuals. No time for errors.

INCAR instructions
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What do we do?

We unlock, analyse and make available the data produced by a vehicle's on-board sensors. We do this by taking measurements from vehicles, in the widest sense of the word. We are firmly convinced that society, the infrastructure and every single one of us stands to benefit, if we utilise the valuable data generated by a vehicle's on-board sensors.

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Who are we?

The Beijer team consists of highly-trained automotive engineers, who are not only experts in embedded software, but also know their way around under the dashboard of today's cars. Every single member of the team is a developer through and through. Using their laptops and oscilloscopes, they are able to keep pace with the very latest developments taking place in the automotive sector and play a part in shaping these developments.

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