INCAR instructions

Essential instructions for the installer of aftermarket equipment in cars and light commercial vehicles.

  • Provide at least a location or an option for the speed signal; collected knowledge about (switched-)power supply and ground and any other signal and component locations are, if known, additionally shown.
  • Are equipped with professional photographic material of exterior and interior for information, identification and recognition.
  • Show location and detail photos of important electronic components such as battery, Body Computer, DLC, fuse box, Gateway, rating plate, VIN etc.
  • Show CAN-connections for the installation of Beijer CAN products.
  • Include support for signal locations to best effort.
  • For all common left-hand drive European cars and light commercial vehicles (max. 3500 kg).
  • Bundle validity 2 years
  • Are accessible, after opening, for 7 days and available in 6 languages: NL, EN, DU, ES, IT, FR.

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