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Publicado: 21 enero 2022
Categoría Camiones

In recent years Sioux has offered various Logena products to several customers. It is Sioux’s strategy to continue and enhance this delivery into the…

Publicado: 10 noviembre 2021
Categoría Agricultura CAN

On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 August 2021, Van Den Borne Potatoes, Practice Center for Precision Agriculture and partners will organize the Precision Agriculture…

Publicado: 4 mayo 2021
Categoría Movilidad

Commissioned by ANWB, the Royal Dutch Touring Club, Beijer Automotive helped with this special version of their roadside assistance vehicle. Our CAN interface, just…

Publicado: 2 julio 2020
Categoría Movilidad Movilidad

Beijer and Ctrack have committed to a unique partnership. From now on, Ctrack customers can directly read vehicle sensor information as well, thanks to…

Publicado: 14 enero 2020

You have already read about our contribution to ‘Smart Asset Management’. A project that is about reading data from vehicles. Until now, the focus…

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