Unique partnership Beijer and Ctrack

Published: 2 July 2020

Beijer and Ctrack have committed to a unique partnership. From now on, Ctrack customers can directly read vehicle sensor information as well, thanks to a CAN-bus integration with Beijer’s CAN-software module.
Ctrack is part of Inseego, a globally active IOT and fleetmanagement organisation. Ctrack Benelux is specialised in vehicle tracking and fleetmanagement for SMEs and large companies.

Beijer CAN-module from now on included as standard in all Ctrack fleetmanagement units

An important pillar of the global cooperation is the fact that Ctrack fleet management units for vehicles are now equipped as standard with Beijer’s CAN-software module, an intelligent chip.

Directly reading vehicle sensor information and motor management data

This integration allows customers to directly see vehicle sensor information and motor management data via the Ctrack dashboard. Amongst others, think of fuel consumption, RPM (Rotations Per Minute) and oil pressure. The ODO meter, speed and seat belt use are visible as well. This causes Ctrack customers to gain more and more insight into vehicle data.

“The big advantage of this is that you can manage your fleet in a more efficient way,” Hilger van Dam says, Managing Director Ctrack Europe. “Now with Ctrack, the number of kilometres driven is no longer leading when planning maintenance, but the actual condition of the vehicle is. That makes a huge difference. Besides, it’s very nice for the customer that CAN-interfaces no longer need to be installed. That saves installation time as well and makes warranty discussions with the manufacturer a thing of the past.”

Pierre van der Stokker, Sales Director at Beijer Automotive, adds: “Due to the integration Ctrack customers get direct access to valuable vehicle sensor information, our specialism. They can simply view all information in the dashboard they are already working with. And, very important, our CAN-solutions are suitable for almost all vehicle brands and types. Older models as well as the latest models.”

Customers react enthusiastically

“Since signing the contract with Beijer Automotive, we have received many requests from customers and potential customers who want to make direct use of these solutions. Thus the production is in full swing,” says Hilger van Dam. “Customers react enthusiastically, because it’s really something special that you get access to such important information and data so easily. It will significantly improve fleetmanagement.”

“We are very satisfied with this special, worldwide partnership,” Pierre van der Stokker decides. “The choice for a strategic partnership with Ctrack is logical, because we are both leaders in the industry and Ctrack is known for her good service and innovations. Now we can unlock analytical vehicle data in an accessible way for a very large group of companies, and there is a great need for that.”