In-vehicle Data

From all sides we hear the call for a generic, and secure cloud-based entity that gives parties access to In-vehicle Data. And also “The car as a sensor” is an expression we encounter more and more in the media. Understandable, because there is a treasure trove of information ready to be taken. A treasure trove of information in the form of millions of cars on our roads that can tell a lot with their In-vehicle Data, about for instance actual weather conditions, road conditions, traffic situations and security- and environment aspects.

Vetuda Beijer
Worldwide there are experiments with the use of In-vehicle Data, or Probe Vehicle Data as it’s often called, but in the Netherlands, we have already passed that phase and it’s already operational: we have Vetuda, a database and web server environment on the Microsoft Azure platform.
Through this platform, the outside world gets access to all data on the vehicle network and simultaneously, the vehicle gets access to the outside world.
How Vetuda works and what we can do with it, we would like to clarify for you. A separate website was built for that purpose.


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