Pubblicato 10 Novembre 2021
Categoria Agricoltura CAN

On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 August 2021, Van Den Borne Potatoes, Practice Center for Precision Agriculture and partners will organize the Precision Agriculture…

Pubblicato 30 Marzo 2017
Categoria Agricoltura CAN Mobilità Veicoli elettrici

Imagine every car becoming a measuring instrument on wheels, offering almost all sensor data from every car. Meet Vetuda! Vetuda is the world’s first…

Pubblicato 16 Novembre 2016
Categoria Agricoltura CAN

During the mid-term SENTRAC demo last week, signals as fuel consumption and vehicle speed were automatically measured from sensors of a tractor and made…

Pubblicato 27 Maggio 2016
Categoria Agricoltura CAN Mobilità

On May 24th 2016, Microsoft visited Amsterdam with its developer event Build. One of the 9 locations worldwide of the Microsoft Build Tour 2016….

Pubblicato 2 Maggio 2016
Categoria Agricoltura CAN

The first measurements of the ‘Precision Farming’ project, known as the SENTRAC project in collaboration with Van den Borne Aardappelen and Fleuren Boomkwekerij, were…

Pubblicato 4 Dicembre 2015
Categoria Agricoltura CAN

Precision agriculture aims to reach a maximum, homogeneous quality and yield with minimal fertilizer and pesticides. Because of less diesel and N-fertilizer use and…