RDW explores applications for vehicle sensor data with Beijer

Published: 15 September 2015

The RDW, the Dutch type-approval authority, has started a joined exploration process with Beijer Automotive, the vehicle sensor data provider from Schijndel, the Netherlands. The RDW wants to examine, in relation to its statutory duties, how these data may contribute to further improvement of road safety and environmental related data.
The number of applications for vehicle sensor data is increasing steadily in recent years. Road authorities, insurance companies, weather-alert services and many others, see the added value of vehicle sensor data for their applications.

Beijer brings its CAN-technology (Controller Area Network) and vehicle database into the process, so that the RDW gets a better view of the available data in a modern vehicle. Through an API (Application Programming Interface) the delivered data can be retrieved by the RDW and be placed on a server for further analysis. These include parameters such as mileage, fuel consumption, diagnostic trouble codes and steering position. For this pilot 20 vehicles of RDW employees are equipped with a telematics system, comprising Beijer CAN technology.