Spinnov and Beijer join forces for developing new BCI print

Published: 1 March 2024

In order to continue delivering high-quality products, Beijer Automotive is always looking for ways to innovate and further develop their products. One of their best-selling products used globally for various applications and markets is the Beijer CAN Interface, in short the BCI. The BCI, which facilitates the translation and communication of data between vehicles and aftermarket systems, is continuously being developed to keep pace with the rapid changes in the market.

This has led to a fruitful collaboration with Spinnov, a design and engineering firm based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Spinnov specializes in, among other things, electronics and hardware design. Spinnov and Beijer are currently in the process of designing a new Beijer CAN interface: the BCI Next Generation. An important improvement is the support of CAN-FD, which many new (EV) vehicles use. Additionally, the BCI Next Generation is equipped with a faster processor, which also makes it easier to support users remotely.

Where Beijer develops the embedded software and determines the hardware requirements, Spinnov takes care of the hardware development. Spinnov is also a partner of Bestronics, who handles the production and assembly of the BCIs for Beijer. Through these short lines of communication, the expertise of the parties can be combined to deliver a high-quality product that meets the strict (OEM) requirements of the automotive industry.

Spinnov is a one-stop-shop where innovative ideas come to life. A design and engineering firm specializing in IoT & Connected products where electronics, embedded software, product design, cloud applications, and services come together as a whole. As part of the Bestronics Group, prototyping, PCB production, assembly, and cloud maintenance are part of their daily services. In various markets such as automotive, medical, sports, consumer products, wearables, smart home solutions, etc., they help clients in transforming their ideas into innovative products in the market that align with their needs, requirements, and brand.

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(Photo: Chris Heger, Sjef Fransen (Spinnov), and Tjakko van Kampen (Beijer) showcasing the prototype BCI Next Generation)